Desai, Yogi Shanti

(mid-20th century)
   teacher of yoga and founder of Shanti Yoga Institute
   Born in Gujarat state, India, Yogi Shanti Desai studied yoga and Hindu scriptures from an early age. As a youth he met and was initiated by Swami Kripalu, the inspiration of the Kripalu Yoga Institute. After receiving a B.S. in India, Desai immigrated in 1961 to the United States, where he received an M.S. in chemistry from Drexel University. He worked as a research chemist while teaching yoga until 1972, when he turned to teaching yoga full-time.
   He opened the SHANTI YOGA INSTITUTE AND YOGA RETREAT in Ocean City, New Jersey, in 1974 to provide instruction in yoga as a way of life. From 1977 to 1985 he directed the Glassboro (New Jersey) Ashram for spiritual communal liv-ing, and after 1981 he directed Prasad, a yogic health food store and restaurant. He personally directs the Ocean City facility with his wife, Nay-ana. The institute offers yoga classes, seminars, and workshops.
   Further reading: Yogi Shanti Desai, Dynamic Balanced Living (Ocean City, N.J.: Shanti Yoga Institute, 1985); ———, Meditation Practice Manual (Ocean City, N.J.: Shanti Yoga Institute, 1981).

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