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  • Ganadhara — In Jainism, a Ganadhara is a primary disciple of a Tirthankara. [ [ The Early Centuries of Jainism] ] [ [ malaiya/agamas.html Jain Agama Literature] ] All twenty four… …   Wikipedia

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  • Purvas — The Fourteen Purvas, translated as ancient or prior knowledge, are a large body of scriptures that was preached by all Tirthankaras encompassing the entire gamut of knowledge available in this universe. The persons having the knowledge of purvas… …   Wikipedia

  • Diwali — (Dipawali) Diyas (oil lamp) during Diwali Also called Translation: Row of Lights; Diwali, Festival of Lights Observed by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Bu …   Wikipedia

  • Parsva — Parshvanath or Parshvanatha ( pārśvá nātha , occasionally spelled Parshvanath or Parswanath ) was the twenty third Tirthankara (fordmaker) in Jainism. fl. ca. in the 9th Century BCE, traditionally (877 – 777 BCE) [ cite book | last =Fisher |… …   Wikipedia

  • Kundakunda — (also Kundkund) is a celebrated Jain Acharya, Jain scholar monk, 2nd century CE, composer of spiritual classics such as: Samayasara, Niyamasara, Pancastikayasara, Pravacanasara, Atthapahuda and Barasanuvekkha . He occupies the highest place in… …   Wikipedia

  • Acharya Mahapragya — Born Acharya Shri Mahapragya 14 June 1920(1920 06 14) Tamkor, Rajasthan, India Died …   Wikipedia

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  • Jain monasticism — Jain Muni or simply Muni is the term often used for Jain monks [Jains in the World: Religious Values and Ideology in India By John E. Cort, Published 2001Oxford University PressUS] .A Jain monk does not have a permanent home and does not have any …   Wikipedia

  • Chandraprabha — Candraprabha 8th Jain Tirthankara Idol of a Tirthankara Details Alternate name: Chandraprabhu Histo …   Wikipedia

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