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  • Lakshmana — (Sanskrit: लक्ष्मण, IAST unicode|Lakṣmaṇa; Malay: Laksmana; Thai/Lao: Phra Lak) was the brother and close companion of Rama, and himself a hero in the famous epic Ramayana . Within a number of Hindu traditions Lakshmana is considered to be an… …   Wikipedia

  • Lákshmana — Deidades de Lákshamana (izquierda) con Rama (centro), Sītā (derecha) y Jánuman (arrodillado) en el templo Hare Krishna donado por George Harrison, en Watford (Inglaterra). Según el texto épico hindú Ramaiana, Lákshmana es el hermano menor y… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Lakshmana — Rama mit Sita (rechts) und Lakshmana (links), davor sein Gefährte Hanuman Lakshmana (Sanskrit: लक्ष्मण, Lakṣmaṇa; Malaiisch: Laksmana; Thai: Phra Lak; auch: Lakshman, Laxman) war der Bruder und Mitstreiter von Rama und auch selbst ein Held im… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Lakshmana — Sîtâ, Râma et Laksmana, manuscrit indien de la fin du XVIIe siècle Dans le Ramayana, Lakshmana est le frère cadet de Râma. Il est issu du mariage entre le roi et sa troisième femme et il a un frère jumeau. Il choisit de son plein gré d… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • lakshmaṇá — लक्ष्मण …   Indonesian dictionary

  • lākshmaṇa — लाक्ष्मण …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Lakshmana Pandita — was the author of Vaidyarajavallabha (also known as Vaidyavallabha), a Sanskrit book on Indian medicine written during the Vijayanagara Empire in the 15th Century. He was a Paramacharya of King Bukka II.His other popular works is YogaCandrika , a …   Wikipedia

  • Lakshmana rekha — Lakshman Rekha (Sanskrit: लक्ष्मण रेखा), in some later versions of Ramayana, is a line drawn by Lakshmana around the dwelling he shares with his brother Rama and Rama s wife Sita in the forest. The line is meant to protect Sita, while he is away… …   Wikipedia

  • Lakshmana Tirtha — Río Lakshmana Tirtha País que atraviesa Estado de Karnataka Longitud n/d km Altitud de la fuente …   Wikipedia Español

  • Lakshmana Tirtha River — The Lakshmana Tirtha is a river of India that has its origin in Kodagu district and flows eastward. It joins the Kaveri River in the Krishna Raja Sagara lake …   Wikipedia

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