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  • Mallinātha Sūri — was an eminent critic, known for his commentaries on five mahakavyas (great compositions) of Sanskrit. During his times, he is said to have received the titles of Mahamahopadyaya and Vyakhyana Cakravarti. He lived during the reigns of Racakonda… …   Wikipedia

  • Mannargudi Mallinatha Swamy Jain Temple — Mallinatha Swamy Temple is a Jain temple in Mannargudi, an ancient town in the erstwhile Chola Empire of Tamil Nadu. Mallinathar is the 19th Tirthankara of Jain Faith. Mannargudi Mallinatha Swamy Temple This is an ancient temple built during the… …   Wikipedia

  • Маллинатха — (санскр. मल्लिनाथ, mallinātha IAST) или Маллинатха Сури  выдающийся критик, известный своими комментариями на пять произведений махакавья на санскрите. В своё время он получил титулы Махамахопадьяя и Вьякхьяна Чакравартин. Маллинатха жил во… …   Википедия

  • Literature in the Hoysala Empire — The Hoysala Empire (1025 ndash;1343), in what is now southern India, produced a large body of literature in the Kannada and Sanskrit languages.Kamath (2001), p. 132] The empire was established by Nripa Kama II, came into political prominence… …   Wikipedia

  • Meghadūta — (Sanskrit: मेघदूत literally cloud messenger ) is a lyric poem written by Kālidāsa, considered to be one of the greatest Sanskrit poets. A short poem of 111 stanzas, it is one of Kālidāsa s most famous works. It recounts how a yakṣa, a subject of… …   Wikipedia

  • Kālidāsa — Kalidasa redirects here. For the true bug genus, see Kalidasa (insect). Kālidāsa (Devanāgarī: sa. कालिदास servent of Kali ) was a renowned Classical Sanskrit poet and dramatist, author of Meghadūta , Abhijñānashākuntala and Kumārasambhava , among …   Wikipedia

  • Telangana — తెలంగాణ   region   Map of Ind …   Wikipedia

  • Rathore — The Rathore (or Rathor / Rathur / Rathod / Rathour (Hindi: राठौड, IAST: unicode|Rāṭhauḍ or unicode|Rāṭhaur , Urdu: راٹھور) is a Rajput clan of India. This clan inhabits Marwar and Jangladesh regions of western Rajasthan, Idar state of Gujarat.… …   Wikipedia

  • Bhatkal — Infobox Indian Jurisdiction native name = Bhatkal | type = town | latd = 13.967 | longd = 74.567 locator position = right | state name = Karnataka district = Uttara Kannada district altitude = 3 population as of = 2001 population total = 31774… …   Wikipedia

  • List of Hindu temples — Hindu temple is called Mandir or Kovil or Devasthanam or Dega (Nepal Bhasa) or Ambalam (Malayalam) or other words in different Indian languages. It is usually dedicated to a primary deity, called the presiding deity, and other deities associated… …   Wikipedia

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