Metamorphosis League for Monastic Studies

Metamorphosis League for Monastic Studies
(est. 1987)
   The Metamorphosis League for Monastic Studies was founded by Kailasa Chandra Das (born Mark Goodwin) in 1987, in response to disputes within the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR KRISHNA CON-SCIOUSNESS (ISKCON) between the leadership and some other disciples who had been trained and initiated by the founder, Swami A. C. Prabhupada BHAKTIVEDANTA. The stated goal of the league is to help define norms for a valid devotional Vaish-navite organization. These norms suggest that a GURU, teacher; YOGI, or spiritual guide must be a self-realized Vaishnavite, that is, a devotee of VISHNU who has traveled the spiritual path to enlightenment and God. This person also must have realized the supreme personality of the god-head, KRISHNA.
   Those who seek help from the league are advised to leave any guru who attracts disciples by charisma only. The charismatic personality, the league believes, may not always follow spiritual rules and may succumb to the illusion of power and self-aggrandizement, which would mislead disciples on the path to SELF-REALIZATION. On the other hand, there is a danger that an institutional guru, with a following of disciples who have Metamorphosis League for accepted him in a leadership role, might succumb to empty ritualism, devoid of spirituality. A genu-ine guru, according to this view, is modeled on the prototype of Bhaktivedanta Swami Pradhupada, who was said to derive his authority from God and to live his life in the purity of spirit.
   The league upholds the paradigm of Prad-hupada and advises that devotees be very care-ful about proclaiming allegiance to a guru who does not have a direct lineage to the godhead. The league follows the beliefs and principles of Prabhupada. Members must abide by all rules, including VEGETARIANISM, repetition of the Hare Krishna mantra, and abstinence from intoxicating substances. Members are also required to refrain from associating with members of ISKCON and consorting with “fake gurus” who are merely charismatic or who receive their status from a group that does not promote the truth as the league sees it. The league is headquartered in Bea-verton, Oregon.

Encyclopedia of Hinduism. . 2007.

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