Shanti Yoga Institute and Yoga Retreat

(est. 1974)
   Shanti Yoga Institute was founded in the United States by Yogi Shanti DESAI, a younger brother of Amrit DESAI, who founded the center for KRI-PALU YOGA in Lenox, Massachusetts. Both Desai brothers were students of Swami Kripalu and accomplished in yogic disciplines as well as the application of yogic principles to everyday life.
   Shanti traveled to the United States to pur-sue graduate work at Drexel University. He was awarded his M.S. in 1964 and subsequently worked as a chemist until 1972, when he realized that yoga was his life’s path. He returned to India and accepted a SHAKTIPAT initiation from his guru. Shaktipat involves an energy transfer from the guru to the student that releases the KUNDALINI believed to lie latent at the base of the spine.
   Shanti Desai founded his institute upon his return from India. In Ocean City, New Jersey, he opened the doors of the Yoga Retreat, in 1974 and Prasad, a holistic health food store and restaurant in 1981. Shanti has designed his yoga teaching especially to address American perspectives. His writings are published by the Shanti Yoga Insti-tute.
   Further reading: Yogi Shanti Desai, The Complete Prac-tice Manual of Yoga (Ocean City, N.J.: Shanti Yoga Insti-tute, 1976); ———, Meditation Practice Manual (Ocean City, N. J.: Shanti Yoga Institute, 1981).

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