Sri Yantra

   See Yantra, Sri.

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  • Sri Vidya —    Sri Vidya is an all India cult of the worship of the GODDESS Sri Lalita or Tripurasundari. It initiates in the right handed tantric tradition (see TANTRISM), which emphasizes Sri Lalita as the Great GODDESS. Iconographically, she is seen as a… …   Encyclopedia of Hinduism

  • Yantra, Sri —    The Sri YANTRA, or Sri Chakra, is an important cult object for the SRI VIDYA tradition of TANTRISM. It is understood as being the subtle form of the goddess Sri Lalita.    The yantra’s geometric design combines five downward pointing triangles …   Encyclopedia of Hinduism

  • Sri Chakra — The Sri Chakra or Shri Yantra of Tripura Sundari is a yantra or mandala formed by nine interlocking triangles surrounding the bindu. Four of these triangles are orientated upright representing Shiva or the Masculine. Five of these triangles are… …   Wikipedia

  • yantra —    A yantra is a meditative and ritual drawing or design used particularly in Indian TANTRIC YOGA. It is almost always drawn with colored powder on the floor or ground in a ritual process. It it usually a geometric pattern, with flowers or flower …   Encyclopedia of Hinduism

  • Yantra — Das Sri Yantra Yantras (Sanskrit, n., यन्त्र, yantra, von yam stützen, (er)halten) sind rituelle Diagramme, die im Hinduismus und Tantrismus verbreitet sind, zur Meditation verwendet werden bzw. initiatorische Funktion erfüllen. Ein Yantra gilt… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Yantra — El Sri Chakra. La palabra sánscrita yantra proviene del prefijo yan, que significa concebir y por antonomasia, concepción mental. Yantra, pues, significa literalmente “dispositivo”, “artificio”, “mecanismo”, “herramienta” o, más preciso aún,… …   Wikipedia Español

  • ṡrī-durgā-yantra — श्रीदुर्गायन्त्र …   Indonesian dictionary

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  • Kamakshi Amman Temple — Infobox Mandir creator = Pallava kings proper name = Kamakshi Amman Temple date built = unknown primary deity = Kamakshi(Parvati) architecture = Dravidian architecture location = KanchipuramKamakshi Amman Temple is a famous Hindu temple dedicated …   Wikipedia

  • Mandala — For other uses, see Mandala (disambiguation). Thangka painting of Vajradhatu Mandala Maṇḍala (मण्डल) is a Sanskrit word that means circle . In the Buddhist and Hindu religious traditions their sacred art often takes a mandala form. The basic form …   Wikipedia

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